Coffee Club: Gonzales Garrison: Bold Dark Roast

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Roasted longer and at a higher temperature than our other blends, Alamo Coffee’s dark-roast coffee delivers a deep, robust texture with a woodsy, nutty flavor and a smokey finish. Come and take a taste!

ORIGIN: Peru, Brazil


Battle of Gonzales 

The Battle of Gonzales was the first military engagement of the Texas Revolution. It was fought near Gonzales, Texas, on October 2, 1835, between rebellious Texian settlers and a detachment of Mexican army soldiers.

In 1831, Mexican authorities lent the settlers of Gonzales a small cannon to help protect them from frequent Comanche raids. Over the next four years, the political situation in Mexico deteriorated. As the unrest spread, the commander of all Mexican troops in Texas, felt it unwise to leave the residents of Gonzales with a weapon and requested the return of the cannon. The Texans had a simple response “come and take it!

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Weight 12 oz

Ground, Whole Bean

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